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Glory Days

Glory Days is a promotion that markets new Kevin Soraci art at a discount price. Every week a new work of art by Kevin Soraci will be offered at roughly 50% of its original price for a limited time. These works will typically be small format, affordable paintings with varying subject matter, from vibrant still lifes to electric night scenes. There will be a framing option as well. A newsletter will be sent out via email as soon as the new piece hits the shop, giving newsletter subscribers a head start to snatch up a beautiful and affordable work of art! 

If the painting has not been sold by the end of the sale, it will still be available in the shop, but at full price. Please subscribe to the newsletter below and be sure to peruse the shop for available artworks and prints! Don't let these Glory Days pass you by!

Promotion will commence in June, 2020.

Thanks for submitting!

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