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Colors of the Night

Colors of the Night is a series of  affordable, monochromatic night scenes. In this series I apply my experience as a machinist in the manufacturing industry to drive prices down for you, the customer, while still producing high quality oil paintings. I depict the same image, that I designed from scratch, in different monochromatic color palettes. In using the same image, I eliminate planning time and setup time from painting to painting, ultimately reducing the overall time it takes me to produce a painting. As a result, I can keep the prices highly affordable. I am also able to make repeats, so they never go out of stock! Stay tuned as I release new colors based on demand and fresh new scenes in the future. Each work is a hand-painted original on 8"x10" canvas board that can be easily framed with standard 8"x10" frames. Each work also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 

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